Saturday, September 12, 2015

Weekend Update

The big news of the week is that my new job is kicking my butt, as they say. I love it but the physical demands are far greater than I expected. Every muscle in my body hurts. You wouldn't think that teaching three year olds is a full body workout, but it is.

After that, of course, comes today's groundbreaking for the Chrysalis, kicking off Merriweather Park in Symphony Woods. It starts at ten am and will happen rain or shine. So bring an umbrella and wear sensible shoes.

Speaking of the Chrysalis, blogger Frank Hecker is back in a new location. His first post is about The Chrysalis and its Cousins. Go take a look.

How Chow is back from his toddler-induced exile and is as engaging and informative as ever. I especially like this post about how he got recognized at Luna Bella.

Very strongly considering a petition for the return of HoCoRising. I would absolutely undertake it if I thought it would have any positive effect.

The Glenwood parents are still going strong and I'll bet by now it has occurred to someone in hcpss that if they had done this the right way they'd have the talents and devotion of these people on their side. Live and learn?

There was a hilarious conversation this week on the Clarksville Happenings page on Facebook this week about new rules for high school dances. I may have to write an entire post to do it justice.

That's it for this edition of weekend update. Did I miss anything? Fill me in.



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