Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Whether Report

Foot's Forecast is practically beside itself.

"6:00 AM 9/30 - Sometimes the truth, though painful has to made known. In this case, it's the realization Maryland may be facing the most significant hurricane threat since Isabel."

The Capital Weather Gang doesn't appear to be as anxious.

You can follow for yourself at the NOAA Hurricane Center:

So, part of the story today is whether we should be taking the possibility of a major storm seriously. The other part is whether the Kittleman administration is ready to marshall its forces to deal with this kind of weather event.

Ken Ulman and his team had the emergency weather thing down to a science. And an art form, if that's possible. They were good at coordinating people to get the work done, and keeping the community informed every step of the way. Veterans of the "Emergency Operations Center" (or whatever if was called) are probably glad that they never have to do that again, but the rest of us benefited from the grueling hours they spent, hunkered down, answering constituent calls and getting services to the correct locations.

I would assume it's not easy to get all this in place. It's a multi-faceted operation. So far we have seen the Kittleman administration responding to snow as best as might be expected for beginners. What was lacking, in my opinion, was the communication piece. If we have to go through a major storm I hope that we'll see much more outreach and interaction on social media.

I also hope we don't lose power, rendering that kind of communication impossible.

Knocking on wood over here. The Oakland Mills Fall Festival is Saturday, rain or shine. I'd like the best weather possible for this annual awesome event.






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