Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Where the Action Is

Sometimes the best use of this blog is to point an arrow at a discussion that is happening someplace else. I'd like to do that today. Bill Woodcock of The 53 is delving into the most recent article in the Columbia Flier about affordable housing. Here is your reading material for the day, should you chose to accept it:

  • "New plan for affordable housing in Columbia moves forward"--Amanda Yeager, Columbia Flier
  • "The Affordable Housing Deal: Good for Downtown, Bad for Columbia?"--Bill Woodcock, The 53
  • "Affordable Housing Oasis?" Bill Woodcock, The 53 (With cameo appearances by Ian Kennedy and Bill Santos)

There's a lot to consider here: dollars or doorknobs, downtown or around town. It will give you an idea of the issues at play here and who the players are. Just for fun, the most recent piece I've written about affordable housing.

If you are an overachiever I suggest reading Tom Coale's two back-to-back pieces on the same issue on HoCoRising.


If you want live, local, and late-breaking news from me today, this is it: third yellow jacket sting last night. Wondering how long it will take for this colony to die off, and being mightily annoyed that we are providing them with affordable housing. And how long can I stay on steroids before I am disqualified from playing professional sports?





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