Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Just-Us League?

I've written before about my love of quirky Twitter accounts. Everyone knows I'm an official fan of Colonel Gateway. And recently Baltimore's Mr. Trash Wheel caught my eye. But wait, folks, there's more.

Along with Mr. Trash Wheel, there's Mr. Trash Snake. And once I started looking, the names kept on coming. You can also follow Aberdeen Blimp, McKeldin Fountain, and Man Woman Statue. They call themselves the Twitter Inanimates. (Not Col Gateway, of course. He's exceptionally animate.)

Not to be outdone, Columbia appears to have entered the fray with an account called Ms. Frizz. Look familiar?

It's amazing how a pair of googly eyes make The People Tree look like Oscar the Grouch. I don't know much about this account other than it feels upbeat and, well, sassy. Take a look for yourself.


Recently these two tweets caught my eye:

Wonder if all the local Twitter inanimates/public art could band together and create our own brand.Like the Avengers, or the Justice League.

Am I just repeating myself here? I mean, we could be like the Disney Princesses! We could have our own movie and action figures!

Great. Now The Inanimates want a league of their own. What's next? Political candidates?



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