Monday, May 30, 2016

Cleanup Crew

Jason Whong works for The Maryland Daily Record. He also lives in Columbia. While I follow him on Twitter because of his news connection, a recent theme has emerged in his Twitter stream that bears sharing with my readers.

Removed from stream in #ColumbiaMD #HoCoMd.: plastic, polystyrene, metals. Please don't litter! (May 22nd)


Here's what I am picking up today from this stream bed in #ColumbiaMD #HoCoMd. It never ends.... (May 24th)


Today's #cleanup from a stream in #ColumbiaMD #HoCoMd.: blue ribbon, polystyrene, plastic spoon. #dontpollute (May 28th)


If you're wondering why I'm often cleaning this stream in #HoCoMd., here's why:

These days I read a lot of complaints about what's wrong with Columbia which center around making demands and railing against the evils of change. Demand that the noise at Merriweather stop. Demand that commercial development stop. Demand that no trees are ever to be cut down. Demand that CA's Open Space be controlled by Pioneers.
Well I have a demand, too. No, a suggestion. I'm just not the demanding type.
Stop littering. Teach your children and grandchildren not to litter. And while you are at it, do what Jason Whong does. Walk the pathways with a trash bag and pick up trash. It's a little thing that we can do to make Columbia and better place that doesn't involve angry demands, contentious public meetings, or biting letters to the editor.
All of the Columbia Villages organize cleanups every year, and that is wonderful. I have participated in one, and it was surprisingly fun to do dirty work with a bunch of friends and neighbors. But don't wait for an annual event. Just jump in where you are. We really can make a difference, one person at a time.
"A City Where Man and Nature Co-exist", a reporter called Columbia in 1982. But to coexist we must contribute, to accept responsibility for being a positive partner rather than a force for destruction. Like Jason, we all have personal reasons for protecting and preserving the natural environment of our home.

Find your reason.


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