Friday, May 6, 2016

Something Old, Something New

A festival, a festival! We have one every year, in conjunction with the Columbia Festival of the Arts. This year we'll be having a change of scene. Yesterday CFA announced the Weekend in the Woods Festival: June 18th-19th. It looks like this event replaces what was called Lakefest in years past.

I love that this event is being presented in cooperation with Merriweather Park in Symphony Woods. Let's get people into Downtown Columbia to enjoy this community space more than once a year for Wine in the Woods. Work on the Chrysalis continues, but that isn't keeping CFA and IAT from inviting people in to take a look around and enjoy.

While you are there, you'll be able to enjoy music, crafts, food, vendors, and a variety of activities. What you won't be able to do is shake your head at the terrible loss of trees and destruction of a lovely natural setting, because it hasn't happened. It hasn't happened, isn't happening.

Ain't gonna happen, folks.

Merriweather Park in Symphony Woods is meant to be for all of us, and this event is a beautiful statement that we are all invited. What a great collaboration between CFA and IAT. Brilliant, even.

If you can't wait to walk around in the woods I hope you'll show up May 21-22 and visit me and a bunch of park enthusiasiasts at the Inner Arbor Trust booth. I hear we have a special treat in store for you this year.

And now, cue all the people complaining that this isn't Lakefest and that we've never done it this way before. In 3...2...



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