Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Magic. Right now it feels as though we need some. So when I saw this on Twitter I jumped on it.

The magic returns to Howard County's Enchanted Forest--WTOP, Michelle Basch

If you need a lift, take a moment to click on the link and enjoy. There's a story, several photo galleries, and a short video. And if nostalgia alone isn't enough to lure you in, there are goats. Baby goats. Lots of them.

The Clarks of Clark's Elioak Farm invested time, money, and labor over a period of years to make this recreation of the Enchanted Forest go from a wish to a dream come true. As I look out the window and see rare blue sky and sun I almost wish that I could call in sick to work and just go hang out with storybook scenes and adorable animals. I think it might be soul-restoring.

Why am I feeling so in need of recharging and renewal?

Well, its going to take time, money, and hard work to restore our school system to one we can trust and be proud of. The closer you are to what is going on right now the more you know how true that is. Just as the Clarks couldn't wave a magic wand to make their dream come true, neither can we. I'm sure they faced challenges and rough days. So do we.

It seems as though every day brings a disturbing revelation or an infuriating decision that moves us backwards, away from our goal. It's disheartening, even to the most determined.

So when I got a chance to look at some real-life magic in Howard County, I jumped at the chance. It can be done, this says to me. We can work together to make it so.

But maybe we need some baby goats, just in case.

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