Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Responsibility and Remembrance

I hate being wrong. Well, actually what I hate is unintentionally misleading people. I never, ever mean to do that. So let me begin today by making a correction. I said on Sunday that HCPSS Director of Communications John White had blocked school parent Christine McComas on Twitter. I did that based on her report. He denied it. Well right now she isn't blocked and she is willing to consider that she might have been in error:

Update. I am horrible at Twitter. The hcpss communications director claims he did not block me....He didn't answer me but did answer another parent. I cannot know for sure and want to err on the side of fairness and take him at his word. I'm sorry if I made a mistake, especially to those who have lightened my load by listening and being openly supportive.

Mrs. McComas is a truly gracious human being.

As for Mr. White, this is what we do know: he has (verifiably) blocked other members of the community. And when asked about blocking Mrs. McComas he said:

not that I'm aware of and I don't believe she is blocked currently.

I find this denial to be a bit like those "to the best of my recollection" statements from Watergate days. But that's just an opinion. I wanted to set you straight on the facts as I know them, because I take responsibility for my work.

Speaking of social media responsibility, the school system is working on crafting the language of their new social media policy. ("Responsible Use of Technology and Social Media") A representative of the PTA Council of Howard County (PTACHC) worked with the policy committee chair to get the following language added to the Implementation Procedures, to require that the Superintendent develop future technology guidelines:

in coordination with community recommendations from appropriate stakeholders.

Funny thing. That language was included when the policy went to the Superintendent for review, and when it came back that language had been removed. In its place?

The Superintendent has full authority to develop technology guidelines.

And there you have it. Coordination and stakeholders have been neatly excised. Are we surprised?

If you think that parents should have a voice in developing future technology guidelines, please write the Board of Education before Thursday evening or sign up to speak at the Board Meeting.

As I mentioned in passing yesterday, I'll be a part of a panel discussion sith Scott Ewart and Jonathan Shurberg this evening about blogs, bloggers, and their relationship to the local polital scene. Details are here. I've been encouraged to invite readers/fans, so consider yourself invited. The panel part of the evening should begin around 7:45.

And, finally, take a moment to read this and rememember our friend Dennis. And, to quote my brother-in-law Evan:

Whatever it is that you do today, spend some time with the people that you love and make sure they know that you love them.


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