Monday, August 29, 2016


Today is the first day of school for many in Howard County. The first day is full of possibility and it can been exciting. Or scary. Or both. Teachers and staff will be working hard to make schools welcoming and to create positive learning environments. Most importantly, they will be building the relationships with students that make that learning possible.

Ahead there will be challenge, adventure, good days, bad days, boredom, and breakthrough but above all there will be relationship. Without it, students are nothing but widgets and teachers nothing but robotic "deliverers of content".

I am now working in a school where we focus our efforts in the workplace by trying to "bring our best selves" to the task at hand: to teaching, relating with coworkers, students, and parents, and to building community. This is a school where the ultimate goal is to produce students who will make the world a better place. As we work to make our school welcoming and to create positive learning environments, it is with that overarching goal.

Let your lives speak.

(It's a Quaker thing.)

What is your goal for your children? What is your goal for your children's schools? Articulate it. Share it. Make sure your children know what it is that you value. Create an environment in your home that supports learning and personal growth, risk-taking and creativity. Nurture the relationships that make home a safe and supportive place.

Happy First Day of School. No matter what schools our children attend, don't we all hope that someday they will want to make the world a better place?







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