Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Talking About My Generation

I highly recommend this article shared by Just Up the Pike's Dan Reed about generational differences when it comes to housing density. Although written in Canada it could easily have been written in Howard County. It's definitely worth the read. The author takes a look at the differing desires of Millennials and Baby Boomers when it comes to the development of new housing and communities.

If, after reading the article, you feel that it has been too hard on Baby Boomers, you might wish to cleanse your palate by reading this piece. I frankly think that Millennials take too much bashing but this one is almost funny. And it makes you think.

I am, technically, a Baby Boomer. My older daughter is a Millennial. We have differing opinions about things but those opinions help us learn about each other, rather than condemn. I get tired of seeing articles about what's wrong with her generation. Heck, I get tired of getting lumped in with all the sins of the Baby Boomers.

Yes, there are differences. Some are generational. Why can't we learn from each other? Must it be war?

One last thing. I don't see a lot of articles expounding on what's wrong with GenXers. I suspect this is because they are the ones writing all the articles.






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