Friday, August 12, 2016

Totally Haywire

I overslept. Woke up in the middle of dreaming, and my brain won't work. Happy Friday to you, too.

I was going to write about some concerns I have about the Columbia Village Board system today, but that will need to wait until I can get my head on straight. If I tried now I suspect the result would be more like free associating.

If you are following the many ways to support Ellicott City right now, I recommend you take a look at Totally HoCo. Jessie Newburn has been working to aggregate the EC-centric events. Totally HoCo is a great community resource and it is showing its value during a time like this by highlighting fundraisers and donation drives that support the flood victims.

While you are taking a look at events to support, sign up for the Totally HoCo weekly email newsletter. It shows up in my box on Sundays and it's a great way to start the week. Also, if you are planning a local event, post it there. It's easy to do, and it's free.

As I said recently: we don't have a daily paper, we don't have local radio or television. Social media fills that void if we use it well. We've seen how that's been working on Facebook. Having and using a hyperlocal community calendar is another tool for keeping the community informed. So:

I'm going to go have some coffee and try to rehabilitate my brain. Stay cool today, everybody.


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