Monday, September 26, 2016

Way Out West

I ventured out of my neck of the woods to pick up an item I found on Craigslist yesterday. I found myself in a neighborhood of relatively new construction which appeared to be built surrounding a cornfield and a grain storage facility. I'm guessing that the entire area was once agricultural. Does anyone know more about this? I think I saw a sign that said "Hearth and Grain." Does this count as Agricultural Preservation?


From there I decided to zip on over to the Lisbon Dollar store. Holy Mackerel, there's an enormous Trump sign in front of the entire Lisbon Shopping Center. I'm trying to imagine an enormous political sign in front of Long Gate or Columbia Crossing. I just can't picture it. Whose permission would one have to get to post a sign like that? The owner of the shopping center? (The Oakland Mills Village Center has so many individual property owners they'd never be able to agree on a candidate.)


I've noticed Trump signs going up along my route as I drive home from work. There's another large one on 108 in Highland, no surprise. What's up with the homemade sign with stick-on letters posted next to it? It said something about Kittleman but I didn't stop to check it out. The next day it was gone, so, somebody didn't like it, I guess.


On the way back from Lisbon I noticed an large Hillary sign doctored with an intent to insult and defame. Is that a legal use of a campaign sign? Forgive me if that sounds naive. It just doesn't seem like an appropriate use of a campaign sign, no matter who does it.


Back in my neighborhood, I discovered the Big Orange Signs are returning to their usual haunts. As far as I am concerned, those signs are a helpful indicator that there are better places to buy gas. If you see that sign, just keep on driving to find one.


There's a lot of money behind the incumbent's campaign for Board of Education. I'm hoping that people power will be stronger on Election Day.


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