Friday, September 30, 2016

What the Man Said

"Why is she so angry?" the man said.

"I guess you think she should smile more, eh?" I said.

"That will work," the man said. "A negative emotion makes the message look negative, no matter how noble the intentions."

The world is full of men telling women to smile more. This particular woman is a highly experienced and able candidate. She deserves more than that description.

Other women said:

  • Women are told how to behave.
  • Rules for men and women candidates are different.
  • Yes, "just smile and stop yelling."

The another man spoke. "I thought she came off fine. Intense, passionate, polished, and serious. She's ready for the job."

"Why is she so angry?"

"She's ready for the job."

It seems like we've been hearing a lot of this lately.

This has been a rough political season. The national election has brought out the sexists on a large scale. Except this conversation wasn't about the Presidential election or Hillary Clinton, although it certainly sounds like it.

It was about a candidate for the Howard County Board of Education.

It seems that even in Howard County there are men distressed by what they perceive as "angry women" seeking higher office. Women who are, in reality, qualified, experienced, passionate, articulate.

Think our only problem is Sheriff Fitzgerald? Think again.








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