Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Charlie Brown: If I start writing now when I'm not really rested,
It could upset my thinking which is no good at all.
I'll get a fresh start tomorrow and it's not due till Wednesday,
So I'll have all of Tuesday unless something should happen.
Why does this always happen? I should be outside playing
Getting fresh air and sunshine,
I work best under pressure, and there'll be lots of pressure If I wait til tomorrow.

Hello, Tuesday.

I'm channeling Charlie Brown this morning. 

In the meantime I highly recommend the following posts:

The New Farm Store in Town on AnnieRie Unplugged 

What are your favorite local small businesses?

And an oldie, but goodie from HoCo Rising, 

What are your favorite local charities/non-profits to support?

I'll be back tomorrow. Unless something should happen.

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