Friday, November 25, 2016

An Impressive Number

Howard County blogger Bill Woodcock reached 2000 posts this week. That's quite the milestone. He marked the occasion by pondering what changes the future may bring for his blog, The 53. He's looking at a variety of interesting possibilities.

Just for the record, I'm at 1297 posts and if we continue at this rate I will never catch up. And that's okay with me.

An aside: why must the longest-running, most outspoken community bloggers be from Oakland Mills? Is there something in the water? Does Oakland Mills breed activism? HoCoRising and Columbia Compass used to provide perspective from other parts of town. I'd love to see someone jump in and do that now.

About Bill. I wrote this in August:

Bill and I both live in Oakland Mills, have both served on the Village Board, both write blogs. We're both interested in local affairs, and generally have something to say about them. Our opinions are frequently quite different. Or sometimes our opinions are similar but our methods are radically different. It doesn't matter. We keep at it.

This past summer I wrote a post concerning the BOE race that caused a bit of controversy and I endured quite a lot of criticism over it. During that time Bill reached out me privately not to praise or criticize, but just to touch base and give me his two cents. He afforded me a kind of professional courtesy that meant a lot to me in the midst of all the turbulence. I'm still grateful.

While I'm reminiscing I should probably admit that Bill was always right about a certain outgoing BOE member who shall remain nameless. There, I said it.

So, happy 2000 to Bill Woodcock and The 53. I noticed that he got a celebratory shout-out from Council Chair Calvin Ball on Twitter. Can accolades from the County Executive be on the horizon? Who knows? 

Stay tuned, true believers, for more zesty topicality.

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