Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Tick Tock

I woke up at five am, as I usually do, to write. It's 6:55 and I still don't have something to write about. Time's a-wasting! 
On my mind this morning:
HCPSS has sent out a survey asking for input on four proposals for changing school start times and none of the choices are any good. And there's "no none of the above" option, no "write in your own" option. Does this surprise me? No. There is a place for comments. That would be a good place to remind them that the American Academy of Pediatics recommends that school should begin after eight, preferably eight thirty, for everyone, not just teens.
Councilman Calvin Ball has submitted a resolution 
"calling on the Human Rights Commission to study the recruitment, hiring, retention,and promotion practices of certain units of the Howard County government, the Howard County Sheriff, and the Howard CountyPublic School System, submit a report and make recommendations; and generally relating to discriminatory practices in Howard County."
Blogger Bill Woodcock of The 53 hinted at something related to the Human Rights Commission just this week. Hmm.
County Executive Allan Kittleman is proposing something called One Howard. 
ELLICOTT CITY, MD – Howard County Executive Allan H. Kittleman today announced #OneHoward, an initiative designed to promote community dialogue and reinforce the county’s shared goals of diversity and inclusiveness.
ScottE shares the press release here.
State Comptroller Peter Franchot continues to hold congenial "meeting of the mind" events in which attendees are predominantly white and male. What can I say? The pictures speak for themselves. A recent event was described in this way, "this is not the Democratic party machine." Okay, so what is it, then? I have my own problems with the Democratic Party "machine" but at least the people gathered around their table are a more inclusive bunch. 
New BOE members are to be sworn in on December 5th. The old order will soon give way to the new. Tick tock.

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