Thursday, November 17, 2016

Take Me Out to the Mobbies

It's that time again. 
Last year I got a little thrill attending the annual Mobbies Party at The Creative Alliance and receiving the Mobbie in the Most Influential category for Village Green/Town² . It was something that had mattered a lot to me for quite some time. I got a piece of paper, a silly hat, and an extremely unflattering photograph but that's how it goes, right? I'm a writer, not a movie star.
This year I'd like to highlight some other HoCo Bloggers who are up for Mobbies. I've had my moment of fame and it was awesome. But for some reason my heart just isn't in it this year. So here are some recommendations for your clicks. Vote every day through November 25th.
Most Creative: Ms. Frizz 
Most Informative: ScottE's Blog
Most Supportive: AnnieRieUnplugged
Best Use of Business/Organization: Colonel Gateway
Best Blog: ScottE's Blog 
*Best Community: HowChow 
Best Newcomer: HoCoMDcc
*In Best Community, ScottE and Village Green/Town² are also nominated, but I think that the category means the community which has grown around the blog or social media account. If you've ever read the comments on HowChow Blog--even now--you'll know why I chose as I did.
I'm tickled to see that two Howard County inanimate accounts have been nominated: Ms. Frizz and Colonel Gateway. We all need a little levity, especially right now.
Show your HoCo Locals some click love!

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