Monday, November 21, 2016

When the Wind Changes

What about all that wind this weekend--pretty impressive, right? It put a chill on our house and made me want to snuggle deep down under the covers. We went from a Friday where I didn't need a coat on the playground to a Sunday where I was looking for the lining to my winter jacket.


Perhaps it's because my daughter received her Olney Theatre Center tickets in the mail and her first show is Mary Poppins, but all this wind made me think of the line of potential governesses lined up at the Banks's house on Cherry Tree Lane. Do you remember the scene where the wind comes and blows away all the dour, somber-looking applicants? Off they go, clutching their newspaper adverts and their inside-out umbrelllas.

Mary Poppins arrives with a change in the wind and makes it clear to the children that she will leave in the same way--when the wind changes.

Most of us don't pay attention to changes in the wind in the literal sense anymore. You may remember that the Banks's neighbor Admiral Boom had his entire house tricked out like a ship and topped with a weather vane. How many of us have weather vanes these days? When we talk about "which way the wind is blowing" we're probably speaking in the metaphorical sense.

The wind has certainly changed in Howard County in the last several weeks and we are being buffeted by the growing gusts. A change in the Board of Education which has prompted last-ditch unpleasantness from those losing power. The local Democratic Party regrouping and facing the future. A national candidate whose election is bringing racist, hate-filled speech and actions.

How will we deal with these changing winds? Well, I saw this yesterday from Lisa Spangler Zovko. It's clear that she hasn't been flattened by current turbulence. She's back and she's pulling no punches.

I'm just a mom, an American. I have minimal power and not a public figure but I will say what many supposed "leaders" refuse to say:

This has NOTHING to do with political parties, and FYI I am a registered independent:

We must denounce white supremacy. We must denounce white nationalism. We must denounce the Alt Right. THIS IS NOT AMERICAN VALUES!!! This is NOT in the constitution. If you are Truly Patriotic and truly love this country you would do the same. I love the pseudo outrage if someone burns a flag or kneels during the Anthem. WHERE IS YOUR OUTRAGE AGAINST HATE???

America is GREAT BECAUSE of our diversity. America is great because we are the land of the free!! If your going to stand for one amendment but not all of our constitution you're not American.

I remember a time where we condemned South Africa for Apartheid. We CANNOT let this be the direction of this great county.


The wind is changing, both for good and ill. So carry a little MomZovko around with you today. I have a feeling we're all going to need that kind of strength.



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