Wednesday, May 3, 2017


"You're so brave!"

I can't remember how many times people said that to me after I wrote a blog post about the Howard County Public School System.

"You're so brave, Julia."

I need to set the record straight today: I was never brave.

You know what "brave" looks like?

Going to work day after day in a hostile environment is brave. Teaching classes too large, without enough materials or staff support is brave. Advocating for special needs students is brave. Speaking out against bullying and sexual assault is brave. Taking on the system on behalf of sick students, teachers, and staff is brave. Refusing to accept the ugly reality of an achievement and opportunity gap is brave. Going to board meeting after board meeting with people who accuse you of the vilest things in order to discredit your work is brave.

Me? Compared to that, a blog post is--well--just a blog post. I'm clear on that.

Today we have some new hope in Howard County, and a lot less fear. To all of you truly brave people: my heartfelt thanks.

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