Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Treasure Hunt

This Saturday, come browse through the collected treasures of our church community and find some new treasures for yourself. Yes, it's time for the Abiding Savior Flea Market.

We've all read too many stories about kids getting shamed because their parent were behind in paying the lunch fees. Stories like those motivated our Flea Marker director, Mary Jo Deets, to do something, This year's proceeds will go to supporting kids in need in the Howard County Schools by supporting the lunch program.

I continue to be amazed at the power of this one event to generate the funds to do good. And I really don't understand how one group of people never runs out of things to donate for the sale. But these treasures just keep turning up on an annual basis. Perhaps a hint to how this all works comes from Mrs. Deets' son Stephen:

Every year at the flea market I have to buy back stuff from my childhood that my mother is trying to get rid of. 

A word to the wise: the McCready family has donated a huge number of board games to the sale, if you're looking to get a bargain.

From a previous post about the Flea Market:

In addition to remarkable bargains you will find cheerful hearts, helpful advisors, and energetic assistance from church members young and old. All have a sincere desire to give you a price you want to hear along with a sense of humor. Even if you buy nothing (extremely unlikely) you will come away feeling better than when you arrived. 

Abiding Savior is the Lake Woebegon of Columbia parishes, almost too small to be found on a map. And yet every year this flea market raises a hefty sum for charity. To paraphrase Shakespeare, "though we be but small, we are fierce."

Please stop by Saturday morning to shop and have some fun. Help us help hungry kids right here in Howard County.

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