Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Markets Are Coming

I'm excited. One of my favorite things about Spring is the opening of our local famers' markets. They begin this week. You won't be surprised that my favorite is the one in Oakland Mills. I love my Sunday jaunts down tomthe Village Center to see what's fresh, chat with neighbors, and even hear music some weeks. This year we'll even have River House Pizza! Now, if we could only get Neat Nick Preserves to stop by for a few Sundays...

If you want to get even more excited about seasonal food, check out the blog AnnieRie Unplugged. She knows her stuff, she knows where to get it, and how to cook it. And her photographs will leave you hoping for a dinner invitation.

There will be a new market this year in Clarksville, on the site of Clarksville Commons. I guess this is to replace the one that was held at the River Hill Garden Center? I'm hoping to get out there to try some ice cream from Scoop and Paddle this summer. And of course summer wouldn't be summer without snowballs from the stand at Kendall Hardware.

Snowballs are a seasonal food, right?

Tell me about your favorite HoCo market here:


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