Friday, May 12, 2017

Same Old Same Old

And in other news, Fatimah Waseem will no longer be writing about Howard County. I don't know if she is staying with the Sun or going elsewhere. I don't even know if she is staying in the field of journalism. These days it is a hard field to say in.

I've attracted both criticism and derision in the past for saying that Columbia/HoCo deserves to have comprehensive news coverage and a consistent journalistic presence in our community. The truth is, no matter how important we think we are, in the grand scheme of things we are just another suburban backwater experiencing the decline of local journalism.

This is not to say a decline in local journalists. We have had some wonderful folks writing for us and I hesitate to name any because I fear leaving someone out. Part of that is because they were so good and part is because there have been so dang many of them.

So thank you to Ms. Waseem for entering into our local ups and downs and trying to make some sense of them. I wish you well in whatever you do next. Thanks to all the reporters whose work has shed light on what's happening and who we are.

A reminder: if you want good news: pay for the news. Support local journalism. Support local journalists. They have to eat, pay rent, and feed their dogs just like the rest of us.

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