Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Who We Remember

From Brittany Packnett on Twitter:

#JordanEdwards. Honor Roll Freshman. 15 years old. Shot and killed by Balch Springs, TX Police. He matters. 

How mindboggling to see this news yesterday when Howard County was declaring May 1st to be Zaching Day in memory of the late Zach Lederer. Zach was a beautiful and inspiring young man who fought and succumbed to cancer. His story has spread and inspired many. His legacy is the Zaching Against Cancer Foundation.

It is fitting that we remember him, and honor him.

What about Jordan Edwards? He wasn't a local boy. That couldn't happen here, right?

Jordan Edwards was a beautiful young man who, in all likelihood, fought and succumbed to racism/implicit bias in our country. That should be everybody's business. Will there be a day in his honor? Will there be a foundation in his name to fight racism?

Please, please, please don't forget him. #SayHisName


There's a Town Hall Meeting on Education in Howard County tonight at the Wilde Lake Interfaith Center. It begins at 7 pm.

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