Monday, December 4, 2017

A HoCo Hop-Around

A bit of this and that today.

Stopped by One Dish Cuisine in Ellicott City yesterday with HoCoHouseHon, who eats Gluten Free and had a hankering for a Reuben Sandwich. Almost every table was full for a late Sunday lunch, plus a table of twelve was reserved for a birthday party. I was thrilled to see they had gingerbread men, my favorite holiday cookie. As a person who doesn’t need to eat gluten-free, I’d still recommend them. One Dish serves both gluten free and dairy free menus.

A change in plans at our house resulted in a chance for my husband and I to enjoy a dinner date. We went to Mint in Clarksville. It was our second visit. I liked it even better this time. I have heard that their food is altered to suit American tastes, and that may be so. Nevertheless my tandoori chicken was delightful and I would definitely order it there again. The addition of a variety of grilled vegetables and a cucumber raita sealed the deal for me. The garlic naan was delicious, too.

This Friday marks nine years in business for Oakland Mills’ Second Chance Saloon. Stop by if you’re in the neighborhood to raise a glass or get some of their delicious wings. More info is here. Actually, it’s worth a trip out of your own neighborhood to come and celebrate a true Mom and Pop business that keeps on making it in a town full of pre-fab dining options. Did you know they also host Columbia’s only drag show?

Finally, a chance for you to help a neighbor. A Columbia family has been put out of their home by a fire and is in need of assistance. Here is their Go Fund Me page. A friend observed, “I can't imagine facing this during the Holidays. 1,000 people give $5 and the goal is reached.  Please donate and share.”

Giving five dollars is the easy part. Getting 1,000 pairs of eyes on their request takes a little more effort.  I hope you will help.

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