Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Mom Takes Over

Sooner or later, the Mom instinct takes over. Welcome to the department of shameless promotion. My daughter’s choir is participating in this contest to win money to support Choral programs at her school. There are a few other local schools participating, so if you already have loyalties, I understand. But just in case you don’t...

Here’s an explanation from a very excited high school student:

 Vote for River Hill’s 12 Days of Christmas on !! If we win we win $5000 for the entire River Hill Choir department!! This means a lot to us so if you could vote that would be awesome!! You can vote once a day for today, tomorrow and Thursday!! Voting closes at 5pm Thursday! Give it a listen and make sure to vote! Thank you!

When you get to the contest website, there will be a gallery of four pages of entrants. Look for: River Hill Twelve Days of Christmas. Make sure you listen to their entry. If you have time, listen to other ones as well. An excellent reminder of some of the joy that music brings to education.

So here’s the deal. If you are so inclined, vote once today and once tomorrow. That’s it. You can support Choral singing and help these kids win a chance to perform on the Jack Diamond morning radio show as well. 

In case you’d like to see them in person, the River Hill High School Choirs will be performing at Clarksville Commons on Tuesday, December 12th at 6:00 pm. Come on out to enjoy their choral and acappella groups performing a mix of seasonal and pop songs. Plus, support local businesses like YOU Pizza and Kupcakes & Company. 

Just two clicks. Make a mom happy. Support local music. And your regularly scheduled blogger will return tomorrow.

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