Thursday, December 28, 2017


A place called Players Bar and Grill in Woodstock has a released a photo of their new HoCo Burger which will be featured on their 2018 menu. It looks scary.

 If your New Year plans include trying to eat in a more healthy way, you might want to skip this.

Internationally known HoCo photographer David Hobby (aka Strobist) posted a photograph of long lines of local citizens waiting to prepay property taxes.

Actual photo not shown

HoCo Director of Finance Stanley J. Milesky now reciting The Night Before Christmas *from memory* to people waiting to prepay 2018 property taxes.

He had no patience with representatives from national news outlets who were hoping to get rights to use said photo for free.

1/ Phone rings. It's Ilana, from ABC News. "We really like your photo and would like to use it on World News Tonight." but... 
2/ ...   
1. We need to clear it. (Sure, what's your rate?)          
2. We don't have a rate, since it's social media [hem/haw] I'll need to ask...
3. OK, Ilana, since you don't have a rate, how about $250?
(ABC Photo Research Ilana and her tin cup immediately move on to greener pastures.)
3/ ABC is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, which as of today has a market capitalization of $162,570,000,000.00. 


I’d show you the photo but I didn’t get permission, so you’ll need to go hunt him down on Twitter yourself. You just don’t mess with David Hobby. And you don’t get free pics under the guise of “it’ll be great exposure.”

My daughter and I went to see this show last night in Bethesda at Round House. There’s only a few performances left in this run. It’s brilliant. Go see it! We got a Groupon for our seats.


Who is this woman?


From a story by ABC2 News, “Howard County named one of the richest counties in America”. I’m guessing this is a stock photo, but what on earth is it supposed to represent? Your guess is as good as mine.

Finally, the pi├Ęce de resistance. This photo from Howard County artisan Kristen Carrasco, taken at the airport. 

Santa was handing out candy canes at BWI. Lots of people around.

Really? There is so much going on in this photograph that I think we should have a caption contest! Submit your entries here and in the meantime I’ll think of a prize.

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