Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Fix It

I have a drying rack that I use for those items that  shouldn’t go in the clothes dryer. The last time I took it out I noticed that one of the joints/hinges is just not right. It won’t open all the way, so the entire rack doesn’t open and sit properly anymore. My husband and I both fooled with it to see what the matter was but: no dice.

Then I saw this announcement about the free repair event at The Barn (not The Other Barn) in Oakland Mills this Saturday: 

What great timing! I wonder if they can fix my poor drying rack? 

Dubbed  “SkillShareFair & Repair Cafe”, the event is a joint venture between the folks at Columbia Time Banking and Transition Howard County. In addition to individual repairs, there will be mini- workshops presented by area Time Bankers on topics such as:

  • Patch a Hole in a Wall 

  • Hang a Heavy Picture

  • Homemade T-Shirt Bags 

  • Sock Darning 

  • Bugs that Bite 

  • Screen Repair 

This all takes place at the Other Barn in Oakland Mills this Saturday from 1-4 pm. Not only does it sound like there’s lots to learn, but I think it would be a great opportunity to learn more about Time Banking and Transition Howard County. And you might discover that you have a skill that can help somebody else.

FYI: If you have something you’d like to have repaired, pre-register it here.

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