Friday, February 22, 2019

It Takes Two

No, absolutely not. There’s no way I’d drink two gin and tonics on a school night.

Well, alright. Yes, yes I did. And before all that lovely joie de vivre wears off I’m going to write a blog post. Motivation tomorrow morning may be nil.

If you know me well, you’ll know I was there for this week’s taping of Elevate Maryland. This particular episode was the second in what I hope will be an ongoing History Makers series. I do think we are making a lot of history these days in Columbia/HoCo, and not just of the political variety. So, stay tuned.

The evening’s guests were the newly appointed Chief of Police and Fire Chief, Lisa Myers and Christine Ulhorn, respectively. I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty of what they said but I do think that we’re all in good hands with these two capable women in public safety leadership roles. The combination of their deep knowledge of their departments combined with a sincere desire to build bridges in all areas of the community impressed me.

Tonight’s Three Things I’m Thinking About included BOE Member Chao Wu’s blog post which looked very much like an apologia of school segregation, the formation of an Office Of Human Rights Review Board, and a look at Delegate Jessica Feldmark’s defense of taxes as supporting the
public good, in particular, the public schools.

I discovered this evening that smart phones can have powerful flashes. If you see a picture of me online I will probably look startled.

I finally found a good choice on the Lupa menu that suited my appetite and wallet. They have a lovely burger which, when paired with a side arugula salad, hits all the right notes. The salad has a lemony yet sweet dressing which is a lovely contrast to the heartiness of the burger.

Now as to the aforementioned gin and tonics. I must relate to you an experience which has happened to me twice recently in two separate establishments. The first drink is fine if a bit weak. I decide I can  swing another one and then the second is knock down, drag-out strong. Is this a thing? Is this a ploy to get me to order the second drink? I don’t recall this ever happening before.

I’d definitely recommend that you give this particular episode a listen once it’s up and available. Some words to be on the lookout for: cruise, pancake batter, fire helmet, fish tacos, and sixth grade.

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