Thursday, February 21, 2019


Yesterday my daughter was facing down an assignment for an English essay. “I just can’t do it! It doesn’t make sense and I can’t do it.”

I stepped in with a bit of Mom Wisdom.

“I write about 365 blog posts a year,” I told her. “About how many of those days do you suppose I wake up and think, ‘I can’t do this!’”

She gave me the look of a teenager enduring adult advice.

“About 300,”  I concluded. “I know I can’t do it and then I do it anyway. And you can, too.”

And, eventually, she did.

But, guess what, devoted readers? Karma is a comin’ in for Mom this morning. I woke up with that old familiar feeling: I can’t do this.

Funny how that works.

This is the time of year when I usually write my obligatory Why You Should Run post about CA and Columbia Village board positions. It appears that Jason Booms of Spartan Considerations has already done it. His goes into more detail about his own personal experiences than mine usually do. He suggests:

You have to have at least some commitment to the concept of community service.  Liking your neighbors helps.  If you are getting into it as part of some personal/political advancement scheme (I have seen this and it is painful to witness), people are going to figure that out quickly.

Take a look and see if you feel motivated.

Oh, if you do? Send some of that extra motivation my way. I might need it tomorrow morning.

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