Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Food, Glorious

I enjoy interesting questions.

Baltimore Sun reporter Christina Tkacik asked this one on Twitter:

It's my first official day as dining reporter for the @baltimoresun. 
What's opening? What's closing? What's #trending? Send tips to: ctkacik@baltsun.com

She got another interesting question in return:

I'd like to see a story that covers the evolution of dining in Columbia. How well does it today reflect Columbia's founders' vision and how has it changed and shifted as Columbia and surrounding areas matured? Big story. (If it were me, I'd have fun digging thru the archives!)  @babuwriter

What a cool story that would be: a history of Columbia specifically through the lens of its restaurants. Do they say anything about who we are? If the Columbia Archives has already done this, let me know.

Speaking of history:

You can pick up this piece of Columbua ephemera on eBay for only $37.00. Any takers?

Now that the weather is beginning to warm up, it might be a good time to put together the annual list of local places where you can eat al fresco while looking at your car. 

It’s a HoCo thing, apparently.

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