Monday, March 4, 2019

Here and There

After the difficulty I had online thisn weekend with devotees of Jim Rouse, I was a bit startled to read this random Tweet:

2022 James Rouse emerges from his cryochamber to declare his lordship over “the former line state”

That’s what you get for eavesdropping on other people’s Twitter conversations. It was a completely lighthearted thread, by the way. But it certainly leapt off the page to me.

A few dribs and drabs around Rouse-world:

1. Lap Corp, located in the old Columbia Medical Plan campus, has instituted a new check-in system where you can handle everything in advance on your smart phone and then scan a QR code when you show up. Judging by the number of people sitting there, waiting, on a Saturday morning while I got seen promptly, I think there are many people in our community who don’t have access to smart phones. So the system doesn’t work so well for them.

2. As exciting as Clarksville Commons is in the River Hill community, it was good to see the Bagel Bin buzzing with activity yesterday at lunchtime. There’s certainly room for the old along with the new. 

3. Steve Charing has written a new blog post about LGBTQ equality and I highly recommend it. 

No, it’s not strictly “Columbian” and I have no idea what Rouse would have thought of it. But it’s timely, touches on specific local issues, and it’s well-organized and well-written.

A shout out to the reader who responded to yesterday’s blog as follows:

Intriguing Blog this morning.  While extremely far removed, I find it akin to discussions people have around the Constitution and what the Framers must have meant/wanted.

You really got me thinking!

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