Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Elevators’ New Spot

The closure of Lupa at the Lakefront meant that the Elevate Maryland podcast, hosted by Tom Coale and Candace Dodson Reed, was looking for a new home. They’ve been hosting live podcasting events since last Fall.

It didn’t take long before various local dining establishments were putting out feelers to offer a new home to the podcast and its fans, known as “Elevators”. In fact, they must have had multiple offers.

@PodcastElevate :  Thank you to all the restaurant owners (and friends of restaurant owners) who have reached out.  We may turn this into the Elevate Maryland Road Show!

Well it looks like the suspense is over and Elevate Maryland will be hosting its next show from new digs at Clarksville Commons. You can come out this Friday evening at six pm as they interview Mavis Ellis and Sabina Taj of the Howard County Board of Education. It sounds like it will be a fascinating show. I hope they’ll be bringing on other BOE members in the near future.

This photo shamelessly stolen from the Elevate Maryland Facebook page.

Let them know if you plan to come at the event page here. I don’t think they have announced exactly which space is being used for the podcast, so keep an eye out for further instructions. Update: it will be in the Common Kitchen.

I recently wrote about the flags at the entrance to the Lark Brown Restaurant Park. It looks as though the silo at Clarksville Commons is shaping up to be a local icon.

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