Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Prom Possibilities

I just dropped my glasses into my coffee. Let’s do this thing.

Did you know there’s a social media group where teens can post a photo of their prom dress so no one else will get that particular dress? How is this even a thing?

Yes, prom season is upon us and I do believe I’ve written about it before. Notably:

  • It is sad that we don’t have local prom venues so our kids don’t have to go out of town.
  • Multiple staged group prom photos are silly, IMHO.
  • Prom-posals are DREADFUL

Here is something a bit cheerier in the prom department, from a group of parents at Atholton High School:


Becca’s closet has about 700 dresses in our closet at Atholton High School. The Discovery Channel is donating 200 MORE dresses. Last time we got a donation, the dresses were brand new and never worn.  

My principal is so supportive of us taking up more space because it’s such a good cause but as soon we we get those dresses in, they have to go out!!!!! 

Our “A Pretty and Polished Affair” event is on March 30 at Atholton High School. If you know if a student who is need of a dress, please send them our way! 

We not only have dresses but shoes, alterations, accessories.... anything a student needs for a successful prom. 

Please share, share, share away! If there are any questions, please email me

This is not just for Howard county students. We will not turn anyone away!

How cool is this?

That made me wonder. Is there anything that is done to make prom more affordable for students from low-income families? Is there any kind of prom assistance?

Senior year of high school seems to be a minefield of one expense after another. Many of the fancy things one can live without. But what of the community experience with one’s peers that is Prom? Not everyone wants to go, of course.

What if you do and there’s no money? A free dress and accessories, though wonderful, wouldn’t be enough.

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