Sunday, March 31, 2019


The Sheraton at the Lakefront is going to have a new life as a Marriott. Not just any Marriott, mind you, but the four-star Marriott Autograph brand. In an article for the Baltimore Business Journal, Carley Milligan writes:

Owner and developer Costello Construction will add 70 rooms, bringing the total to 290, and update the entire interior and exterior of the hotel that sits on Lake Kittamaqundi at 10207 Wincopin Cir. The focus will be on creating a "high quality" and "luxury" product, Costello Construction President David Costello said.

Well that’s just great. I’ve never been able to afford staying there, and now I really won’t be able to afford it.

Why would I need to stay in a hotel in the place where I live? Well, what about for fun, a kind of “be a tourist where you live” experience? It must have a lovely view.

I wonder...

This piece about Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum opening its doors to overnight guests made me wonder if Columbia/HoCo has any venues that would be worthy of the sleepover experience. As to spending the night in a wax museum: no, no, no. Count me out.

I do know that once a year the Mall in Columbia opens its doors for a huge Girl Scout Sleepover. But that’s an experience best left to Girl Scouts and their fearless leaders. I’m talking about the kind of sleepover experience offered by places like the Aquarium or the Science Center* in Baltimore. Do we have any places that could pull that off?

  • The Historical Society in Old EC?
  • Upstairs at the Whole Foods?
  • The Robinson Nature Center?
  • The Howard County Conservancy?
  • Merriweather?
  • The Chrysalis?
  • The Patapsco Female Institute?
Outdoor venues would have to rely on good weather. I guess they’d be more like camp outs.

Of course I’d rather tuck myself into an actual bed at the end of the day, but lots of folks have more adventure in them. What do you think? Does Columbia/HoCo harbor a great sleepover adventure?

*A tip of the hat to Elevate Maryland co-host Tom Coale’s appointment to the Maryland Science Center Board of Trustees.

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