Friday, August 30, 2019

Free Parking

It’s amazing how working from nine in the morning until almost nine in the evening clouds your vision. Such is the life of a teacher on Back to School Night. The next day should really be a day off, but it never, ever is.

On my mind this morning: crazy local parking. Two of my friends posted rather hilarious photos yesterday of people who clearly think that the rules of parking don’t apply to them. Now, I try to have mercy on bad parking because I have been known to be a bit off-center myself. But seeing these particular photos put me in mind of a slightly different topic.

Are there places in Columbia/HoCo that you find it difficult to park? It could be that there’s not enough parking, or it is not close enough to where you want to go. It could be that folks who shouldn’t be there hog all the available spots. Or perhaps it’s not well enough lit at night?

Have you ever thought, of a local place, “I’m just not going to bother because parking will be impossible “?

Extra credit: share your ideas on how you would go about fixing this.

Have a great Friday and don’t forget Damon Foreman and Blue Funk are at the Chrysalis tomorrow night!

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