Saturday, August 10, 2019

Sweet Celebrations

Over the course of the summer I’ve enjoyed seeing photos of the themed cupcakes created by Kupcakes & Co. for the movie nights at Clarksville Commons. Clearly they take their cupcakes seriously. They are definitely the kind of good neighbors you want to have when you’re hosting a movie night.

Yesterday I saw a different kind of picture from Kupcakes & Co. that was every bit as interesting. From the release sent by the folks at Clarksville Commons:

Clarksville, MD - Michelle and Bill Kupiec, owners of Kupcakes & Co. recently donated $15,000 to Howard County General Hospital as part of their Pay it Forwardcampaign. The contribution will be dedicated for use by the pediatric department of the hospital.

Fifteen thousand dollars is a whole lottta cupcakes. And this is only their most recent contribution. 

Since the opening of their first location in 2011, Kupcakes & Co. has donated a total of $30,000 to Howard County General Hospital’s pediatric unit.

Inspired by the care their twin daughters received in the pediatric unit of the hospital, owners Michelle and Bill Kupiec have made it their mission to give back. Being a good neighbor stretches beyond movie nights in Clarksville as they support excellent pediatric services for an entire community. A tip of the hat and a HoCo Holler to the Kupiec’s and all the crew at Kupcakes & Co. 

One more cupcake before I go.

Out if curiosity, what does this sign say to you? I must admit I did a double take when seeing this at the Columbia Whole Foods on Friday evening. Columbia is turning five? Say what?

Ohhh...the Columbia Whole Foods is turning five. And they’re celebrating with cupcakes. Not unlike actual Columbia birthday celebrations around the People Tree. Oh, okay. I’m suddenly imagining a movie like “Yesterday” in which I’m the only person who remembers Columbia before the Whole Foods was there. Creepy.

Cupcakes are a small unit of celebration. They can be as fancy as a Clarksville Commons movie night creation, or as simple as a grocery store giveaway. No matter what, they make us feel good. A cupcake is a little bit of a party, somehow, a reminder that some things, whether big or small, are worth celebrating.

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