Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Is Anybody There?

I started to write somethjng in the aftermath of last night’s board meeting but I just can’t. And nothing I say can change the toxicity of our community right now. We are not who we thought we were.

The challenge that lies ahead is where to find the funds to remediate the concentrated poverty that the board and the community were unwilling to address. I look forward to specific and realistic proposals on that topic, and soon.

I suspect that many folks will be more than happy to go back to their pre-controversy lives when they were ignorant of just how much need exists somewhere else. The flurry of charitable donations to the poorer schools will, most likely, diminish. We will look back on them as the acts of desperate parents hoping to purchase indulgences to ward off the eternal damnation of redistricting.

Perhaps someone, somewhere, will have been changed for the better by this process and will come away dedicated to making our schools more equitable. If you are reading this and you feel I am judging you too harshly then I hope you will prove me wrong. Fight for those who have less than you do. Convince friends and neighbors that all children are our children and all schools are our schools.

We are going to need you.

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