Monday, November 4, 2019


And now, a question.

What is up with that inexplicable hallway in Oakland Mills High School?

If you’ve even been in the school, you know what I mean. The hallway that goes past the cafeteria and down towards the auditorium is unlike any school hallway I have ever experienced. It is at a slant, but not an even slant. It is a gently rolling hill, with little ups and downs along the way, like gentle waves.

How did this come into existence? Is there a reason? Was it a mistake?

I know that some of the Howard County schools are built along the same model, so are there any other high schools with similar hallways?

Every time I go to OMHS I wonder if they ever let kids loose on skateboards on that hallway. It would be great for wagon rides or movers’ dollies, too. Perhaps a fundraising idea?

Or far too much liability for an administrator to risk it? Who knows.

I’d just love to know how on earth this upsy, downsy hallway got there in the first place.

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