Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Another post from the I Am Cranky files.

Are there any neighborhoods in Columbia/HoCo where the house numbers are clearly visible after dark? I was reminded of this when I was wandering around in Owen Brown looking for a particular address at around six pm yesterday, Also: curse you, oh demon time change of doom. Why is it so dark at six pm?

This is always the time of year when I wonder if humankind was meant to be out of the house at all after dark. The early sunset times make my usually familiar world unfriendly and laced with a sense of foreboding. Stay home and light a candle, I think. Why go out and curse the darkness?

Back to addresses. Are there no laws about house numbers being clearly visible at night? How do emergency vehicles find anybody? I was using GPS but it told me I had arrived when I was still four or five houses away from my destination. And, in a suburban neighborhood without sidewalks, someone wandering around in the dark looks sketchy at best. 

Let’s make house numbers easier to see at night. Or let’s all stay home until Spring.

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