Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Purple Prose

Just when you thought Howard County couldn’t get any crazier, now the eggplants have started talking.

Of course I am referring to the whimsical art piece that resides in front of the Howard County Welcome Center on Main Street in Old Ellicott City.

It turns out the Ellicott City Eggplant is a very chatty fellow -- so we've decided to give him a hashtag.  #ellicottcityeggplant.  We may regret it!   Here's his first tweet:

"Hey guys -- the holidays are coming.  Come keep me company? I get lonely sometimes...."

The post and photo come from the Twitter account of Art in Ellicott City - - @ArtEllicottCity - - which describes itself as “a private fund for public art”. They’ve been tweeting since May, 2018, but not very frequently.

I recall with fondness a time when Gingerbread girl took to social media to promote Howard County. I wonder what the #ellicottcityeggplant will have to say for himself?

Once he gets going, I doubt a hashtag will be enough. He’s going to need his own account

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