Friday, March 5, 2021

Head Spinning


I told myself I would write about something positive this morning, but my head is still spinning from all the mindboggling news of the week in Columbia/HoCo, to wit:

  • Sending teachers and staff back into school buildings without an adequate plan or equipment and while not fully vaccinated, accompanied by perky PR social media gaslighting from management
  • Excruciating drama in a local political group which has left little room for productive discourse
  • A lawsuit for defamation of character which seems to be a great test for whether folks understand 1) the First Amendent and 2) frivolous lawsuits 
  • The arrest of a fairly well-known retired police chief for multiple acts of arson over a period of ten years
  • The Governor’s persistent disrespect for Baltimore City and other predominantly Black municipalities in Maryland
Add to that the large glass of iced coffee I had in the late afternoon yesterday followed very little sleep...I’d say I feel less than positive this morning. 


Here’s what I’m going to write about tomorrow:

This post struck a chord with me because I have long believed that that the Columbia Association does not do enough to immediately “evangelize” new residents in order to lay the groundwork for fully-engaged Columbians for the next generations. Columbia has long relied on an “if you know, you know” attitude. The lack of participation in Columbia and Village elections seems to indicate that people do not become Columbians through osmosis.

I recommend that you read Dommu’s post if you haven’t already. We’ll talk more tomorrow. I’ll try to put my positive hat on. 

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