Sunday, April 18, 2021

Local Signs


My next door neighbor’s tree is a sign of spring that brings me joy every year.

As for me, I’m no gardener but I have one or two random tulips. That is, if the deer don’t behead them before I can take a picture.

It seems that everywhere you go right now in Columbia/HoCo, glorious blooms abound. Where are your favorite vistas of Spring? If I were going to get in my car right now, where should I go to experience Spring in all its glory? Send me your recommendations.

Of course if it’s your own backyard I promise not to drive over and show up on your doorstep. I’m really thinking of publicly viewable spots. As I recall, the Rouse brothers statue at the Lakefront is flanked by a bed of red tulips. And people are already posting with anticipation about visiting the Brighton Dam Azalea  Garden, which usually looks its best around Mother’s Day.

I’m a huge fan of forsythia but it looks as though it has already had its big moment for the year and is moving on. Sigh. That particular color of yellow is my very favorite. I wish it could hang around longer. What are your favorites?

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