Friday, April 2, 2021

The Real Thing: Friday Links


While I was enjoying an imaginative view of local news yesterday, the real thing was happening all over Columbia/HoCo. Current events did not take a pause for April Fool’s Day. I must say I did not anticipate being pranked by the weather. Rain, sleet, snow, hail, and even graupel added a surreal twist to the day.

Meanwhile, back in the real world...

The Columbia Association has announced the appointment of their new President and CEO, Lakey Boyd. She will begin work on May 3rd. I must say it’s encouraging that anyone wants to relocate to Columbia right now.

Governor Hogan has announced the establishment of more mass vaccination sites, and one of them will be right here at the Mall in Columbia. If that doesn’t move you to spend some money on retail goods or in restaurants, the Governor suggests driving to Salisbury to get vaccinated and making a stop at Ocean City to spend some money on the way back. (n.b. - - don't do this. Vaccines don’t grant instant immunity. This is a wildly unsafe suggestion.)

County Executive Calvin Ball has released his proposed 304.6 million dollar capital budget.  The operating budget will be released on April 19th. I’m generally not a “budget person” but I am happy to see continued funding for the new Talbott Springs Elementary School.

Student Member of the Board Zach Koung advocated for and moved forward two proposals for courses to be taught at the high school level.

The Howard County Police Department is investigating an apparent murder-suicide in Columbia. The fact that the people involved were a married couple makes me think of domestic abuse situations in the abstract and wonder if this was the end result of that kind of dynamic. 

Finally, a tip of the hat to a reader who yesterday described Columbia/HoCo as “our small little big town.” If this blog didn’t already have a name, I’d definitely choose that one. We generally tend to think we’re a whole lot bigger than we actually are.

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