Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Howard Hughes Meets Grandma


My eyes don’t usually linger over adverts on social media but this brought my reading to a halt.

Wait. Isn’t that…?

Photo by Elizabeth Janney, Columbia Patch

I’d say there’s a startling resemblance. For just $69.99 (marked down from $129.99) it looks like you can have your own home version of Azlon I,  that impressive kinetic art piece purchased and installed by the Howard Hughes Corporation in the new Merriweather District. Take a look:

Decorative Design Home Windmill

According to an article, in the Baltimore Business Journal, artist Anthony Howe describes his Azlon sculpture as having almost mystical properties:

"It can literally slow your heartbeat and silence your mind, like a meditation,” Howe said in a statement. Howe has created other kinetic sculptures in Dubai, Dallas and Moscow, to name a few locations.

Hmm. I wonder if a knockoff version from Grandma’s can do the same? They list the dimensions as 10 X 10 X 10 inches. Hmm. That probably won’t slow your heartbeat and silence your mind, but it might make traffic on your street slow up a little or get the neighbors talking.

“Wait! Slow down, honey. Isn’t that…?”

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