Monday, January 3, 2022

Local Excitement


It’s a snow day! Who’s excited?

Teachers are excited because the snow buys them a one-day reprieve from returning to a COVID-infused work environment. Parents who share their concerns are feeling a similar sense of relief. I am assuming that kids are excited but I don’t have any on the record here to respond to this topical story.

If you have access to any real-live children, may I strongly suggest that you encourage them to play. If you feel a temptation to join them: don’t hesitate!

The school system called the snow day in record time last evening, putting the kibosh on one of my favorite Twitter traditions: the begging, wheedling, and unbelievably weird warnings from high school students about significant weather events. To be perfectly honest, teens aren’t on Twitter much anyway these days. But when it comes to possible days off they can usually be counted upon to make an effort.

Who else is excited?

The Columbia Association is excited. They were up bright and early to let us now they’re ready for anything.

Whatever weather comes our way, we are ready for it!

CA has a fleet of: 

➡️10 trucks

➡️20 smaller pieces of equipment 

➡️Countless shovels and snowblowers

Read more about our preparations for any winter precipitation:

The Howard County System is excited, because even though Library buildings are closed, they’ve got us covered through their website.  

I’m listening to Requiem for a Mezzo on Overdrive at the moment, working my way through the Daisy Dalyrimple mystery series.

It’s a snow day! Who’s excited? 

Me. I’m going to enjoy having one more day with my family, listen to the rest of that episode of Elevate Maryland, and, in all likelihood, I’m going to bake cookies.

Are you excited?

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