Thursday, January 6, 2022

Winter Win-Win


As you may have guessed, I love soup. In fact I made some for dinner last night. It was rather an impromptu affair, so I decided to call the result “Surprise Chicken Tortilla Soup.” It was a surprise because I thought the package I was thawing had sausages inside. 

A much more welcome surprise is the news that Atwater’s is combining their soup-making talents with an initiative to support HoCo non-profit Upcycled.

My first thought: cool! Upcycled is that innovative company I learned more about through the Changemaker Challenge. From their website:

Upcycled is a waste diversion organization established as a 501(c)3 corporation, that follows the Precious Plastics model. Upcycled Inc. takes discarded plastics and upcycles them into long-term purpose products. This process begins with separating the plastics by type, shredding them into small flakes, cleaning them, and melting the plastic into molds. This is conducted using a series of machines that can morph the discarded plastic into useful configurations. We create products that can be used to reach our mission of giving plastic a long-term purpose and creating a more environmentally conscious community.

You can learn more about Upcycled at their website, and can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

As for Atwater’s, I know they’re not in Howard County…but they are supporting a Howard County business and, well: soup! Could Atwater’s be the magical soup company I’ve been searching for? They’re certainly not strictly a soup operation, but, here’s an example of yesterday’s offerings.

Atwater’s celebrates Soup Month each January with a variety of soup-related activities and contests:

Soup Month is here! Join us in celebrating 18 years of soup tradition:
Customer Favorite Friday- You ask, we listen! Visit our website to vote for your favorite soup. The top customer choices will be featured on our menu every Friday throughout January.
Quarts for a Cause- 10% of all cold quarts of soup sold in January will be donated to @go_upcycled, a local non-profit that turns plastic waste into building materials for park benches, picnic tables, and garden beds.

Atwater’s has a number of locations in the Baltimore area and they’re all participating in Soup Month. Even if you’re not in Catonsville you can still make your soup dreams come true. And you can help out a worthy HoCo nonprofit at the same time.

I wonder if they serve soup by the bucket? 

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