Monday, February 14, 2022

A Perfect Dozen: Local Love


I cannot remember if this is a true story. I think it is. I’m rather on hazy on where I saw it. It’s about an advert for Valentines which reads:

“You Are My One and Only Love” beautiful Valentine cards. Set of 12, $4.95.


In the spirit of spreading one’s love around, here are one dozen things I love about Columbia/HoCo:

  • Hanging out at the Lakefront on a warm Spring day
  • Going to the library. Any branch, though I do love East Columbia most of all
  • Having a picnic by the playground at Lake Elkhorn in Owen Brown
  • Main Street, Old Ellicott City. Noodling around.
  • The Brighton Dam Azalea Garden when everything’s in bloom
  • Neighborhood Christmas lights
  • Concerts at the Chrysalis, Merriweather Park at Symphony Woods
  • The new playground, “Laura’s Place” at Blandair Park
  • Finding a favorite spot to watch July 4th fireworks
  • Summer Farmer’s Markets
  • The Oakland Mills Fall Festival
  • The pedestrian/bicycle bridge over Route 29 linking Oakland Mills to Downtown
And, a bonus: the first meal I had at the Food Court at The Mall in Columbia with my now-husband. The fortune cookie read:  

Look no further, happiness is seated next to you.  

Have a great day, and feel free to add some of your own local love in the comments.

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