Sunday, February 13, 2022

Try It, You’ll Like It!


Yes, straight from the pages of Facebook, it’s: my dinner.

Friday night in Oakland Mills: my book came in at East Columbia Branch, I picked up a jerk chicken dinner with all the trimmings from Althea's Almost Famous, which goes perfectly with a BrewDog Punk AF Hoppy Ale. Life is good. 

The curious responses I got to this post made me realize that not everyone knows about Althea’s Almost Famous. I did a quick check and I see that her business has been mentioned on the blog seven times so far, beginning in October of 2020. 

Last Spring I wrote:

This year a new attraction at the Oakland Mills Market will be the debut of Althea’s Almost Famous food truck/trolley/cart/mobile catering. Althea has been a presence at the Market for a while now, selling her Jamaican Jerk sauce. She also run a local catering business. Now she’s taking her show on the road and you can see what all the excitement is about on Sunday at the Oakland Mills market.

Althea Hanson, owner and operator of Althea’s Almost Famous, began her business in 2015. From an recent announcement on the Howard County Government website:

Hanson, who grew up in Jamaica, found her passion for cooking from her grandmother. She started her business in 2015 while raising funds to adopt her goddaughter from Jamaica. Hanson began by bottling and selling her homemade sauces, which are now professionally bottled in Baltimore and sold at local retailers like LA Mart in Columbia. She soon expanded to catering events, parties, and weddings and has been a recent staple at Howard County farmer’s markets. The latest expansion, a mobile food trailer, has finally allowed Hanson to invest in her business full-time, recently stepping away from her previous job in real estate. 

In all this time I had never gotten around to trying her food. I’ve seen plenty of people raving about it. Friday the weather was gorgeous and a familiar photo caught my eye.

Good afternoon Family, 

What a beautiful day outside today! Stop by and grab some amazing Jerk Chicken fresh off the grill and a fresh hand press drink to wash it all down. We're located at 5851Robert Oliver Pl Columbia, MD 21045 and we're here until 5pm. Have a great day and always thank you for the support everyone.

I was on my own for dinner and I needed to pick up a book at the library. I made sure I left the house by 4:30.

I ordered the Jerk Chicken Meal with the regular jerk sauce, which comes with two sides: rice and peas, a a steamed cabbage medley. The gentleman who took my order also gave me a small sample of the “hot” variety so I could compare. The food was delicious and was more than enough for two meals. I will absolutely be going back to try other things on the menu: the Jamaican meat patties are tempting me. (She also sell vegetarian varieties.)

If you want to try some of this yummy Jamaican food for yourself, keep an eye on Althea’s location tracker to see where she’ll be be next. Having a party? Althea’s does catering. Need delivery? Order through Door Dash.

You can keep up with Althea’s Almost Famous in a variety of ways.

Facebook: Althea’s Almost Famous

Twitter: @Altheasalmost

Instagram: altheasalmostfamous

Have you tried Althea’s Almost Famous? What’s your favorite dish? Do you keep her Jerk Sauce on hand for seasoning and home cooking? 

I’m just kicking myself that it took so long for me to take the plunge and try something new. I’ll definitely be ordering again in the near future.

Want to learn more? Try this great piece from Voyage Baltimore:

Conversations with Althea Hanson

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