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Back in the spotlight in this ad campaign from Reebok is musician Brent Faiyaz.

Brent Faiyaz. Columbia, Maryland. Singer-songwriter. Individual. Made up of everything true. Navigates creativity imperfectly, distinguishing himself from what already exists. Life Is Not a Spectator Sport. 

Faiyaz is a graduate of Long Reach High School. He was known in those days as Christopher Brent Woods. He’s 26 years old and has been making music in Los Angeles since around 2015. He is now one of a small group of artists featured in Reebok’s Life is Not a Spectator Sport Campaign.

A fun fact: Faiyaz is listed as one one four notable alumni on the Long Reach High School Wikipedia entry. The others are Ron'Dell Carter, NFL player; Ian Jones-Quartey, animator; Darryl Webb, basketball player.

Since I’m such a big advocate for arts education, I’d love to know what kind of experiences Faiyaz had in our school system. Were music classes the highlight of his day? Or were his interests outside of the traditional band-chorus-orchestra curriculum focus? If I can figure out how one can successfully reach out to a well-known recording artist, I’ll ask. 

Interestingly enough, a quick scan of Twitter showed that fans weren’t particularly interested in the Reebok campaign. What they’re looking for? New music.

Mannnnnn Saw Brent Faiyaz trending & thought he was releasing music

Saw Brent Faiyaz trending and I thought he was releasing new music

So are we ever getting new @brentfaiyaz or nah?

@brentfaiyaz new music brother, drop it

@brentfaiyaz my Virgo brother, please I need a new album 

You can follow Faiyaz on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. He has a TikTok but it’s relatively recent.

Are you familiar with his music? Or did you perhaps know him back in his Columbia days? I’m always curious about the stories behind someone’s life choices, especially when it comes to the arts. 

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