Thursday, February 3, 2022

All Over Town

It’s a “news and notes” sort of day today.

Tonight, from 6:30-7 pm:

Treasure Hunt for History: Exploring the Columbia Maryland Archives Digital Catalog

Howard County Library System and Columbia Association (CA) are excited to announce Treasure Hunt for History: Exploring the Digital Catalog at Columbia Maryland Archives.

We invite all levels of researchers, students, educators, and lovers of history to this virtual tutorial, focused on navigating the collections of Columbia Maryland Archives from your own computer. Columbia Maryland Archives Archivist Erin Berry will guide participants through the search and request process, highlighting the new Black History Month online exhibit and subject guide. 

We are excited to share this wonderful tool that provides a map to the treasure trove of Columbia's story.

To register, click here: Treasure Hunt for History .

I wrote about the digitizing of the Columbia Archives in December of 2020: “Digitized!

As I am a big fan of dance parties, although mine are of the preschool variety , I wanted to share Dance Around the World, which the Columbia Association is billing “as a chance to experience culture and power your body with unique dance exercises classes.”

Sun, Feb 6 @ 9:30am at the Columbia Gym:  K-pop dance moves to the music of BTS, Black Pink, and more!!

Sat, Feb 19  @11:45am at Supreme Sports: African dance to the African beat!

Sat, Feb 26  @9:15am at the Athletic Club: Dance Bollywood Style! 

Classes are free with advance registration— Call the facility for registration assistance. 

As a follow up to yesterday’s post about Columbia’s golf courses, a reader told me about something called the First Tee program, which introduces young people to golf.  First Tee Howard County is open to all, and offers scholarships if fees might be an obstacle to participation. This short video gives more information.

Update on Don’t Look the Other Way: Update, 2/2: Council Chair Opel Jones has committed to supporting CB-10. To my knowledge, Council member Jung hasn’t yet declared a position on this, so, please - - send a letter if you haven’t already.

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